EXPOSED: Devra Patton West 


Be Scofield, founder of The Guru Magazine, is one of the most prominent journalists in the world exposing cults, and has a new report about criminal DEVRA PATTON WEST linked here.

Below is a Memorial for Lalita Jordan, Devra's vicitm.

Attention, everyone! Have you been in contact with Devra Patton West, aka The Rishi, aka The Rishi of the Western Hemisphere?


It is crucial to make informed decisions when entrusting your faith and finances to others. It's especially vital when considering involvement with self-proclaimed spiritual leaders like Devra Patton West, who has a long, sordid past


Devra West's history has shown a troubling pattern of financial impropriety, lawsuits, judgments, foreclosures, unpaid taxes, numerous failed companies, her church shut down by the State of Montana, and arrests.  


Numerous people who've crossed paths with her report being deceived, manipulated, physically and psychically attacked, and losing significant amounts of money and their closest relationships in the process. They were promised enlightenment and spiritual growth, only to find their trust exploited and their pockets emptied by Devra. Every person who has been in the clutches of Devra West is worse off, not better. Be Scofield is a reporter with millions of followers. Ms. Scofield wrote an investigative piece on Devra West; that article is linked below.

Before you consider donating, taking any classes, or paying for enlightenment, ask yourself, where is your hard-earned money truly going? Is it aiding a noble cause, or lining the pockets of a self-styled guru? The evidence, in West's case, points towards the latter.


Educate yourself. Know the warning signs if a spiritual leader is excessively focused on financial gain and has a criminal record.

Devra uses dark psychology to manipulate people into believing they are special and then gaining access to their entire life and finances. She also pressures people to donate more than they can afford, encouraging them that God will provide for them so they need not hesitate to empty their account for her—these are clear red flags. When Devra was in Montana, she demanded 66% of everyone's gross income.


It is perfectly okay, and indeed necessary, to question the integrity of those who request your financial support. Do your research, seek independent advice, and never give in to pressure to pay to be enlightened or more special than the rest of the world. Being fed a story that you will become an enlightened being if you just follow a guru and give them your money is an old spiritual grift. More people than ever are savvy to these spiritual cons thanks to the internet, documentaries, and news reports. 


Keep your money safe, and your faith in your own control. Remember, a genuine spiritual path will never demand financial ruin. Stay vigilant, and protect yourself from the deceptions of self-proclaimed enlightened masters, gurus, and teachers. 

Lalita Jordan: Before and After Abuse of Devra West

This email is sent in memory of one of the victims Devra Patton West, Lalita Jordan-Roberts, who was a sweet and loving personality cared for by many. Lalita has been rejected by most due to her involvement in and being taken over by the cult of Devra Patton West. Devra has attempted to use Lalita to recruit new cult members. 


Sadly, approximately three and a half years ago, Lalita was fully taken over by Devra Patton West's black magic, mind control techniques, and the entities that work through Devra's body.


Devra has a background in the dark magical arts. She offered third eye-opening teachings, connecting spiritual seekers to the unseen astral realm, full of tricksters and dark spirits that she attempts to harness to do her bidding. With that, the following esoteric occult explanation of who Devra is and the dark agenda Devra serves should not be a big surprise.


In the early 90s, Deborah Lynn West acquired secret occult knowledge from Robert Jaffe's School for Energy Mastery. After teaching energy mastery herself for many years, Devra West chose to use that knowledge as a weapon to line her own financial pockets at the expense of everyone she meets. This energy manipulation was Devra West's forte' for almost a decade, until claiming to have become an enlightened master.


Devra Patton West surrendered her will to darkness, hoping to become someone special and consequential. Devra has  narcissistic personality disorder and no friends; she brags she has no friends and acts like it is funny. Devra became a false prophet and an empty vessel for entities to display their black magic energies in their ploy of wooing, cording, and energetically manipulating others. Devra has had a grandiose vision for herself over decades, living an extravagant lifestyle she could never afford. Still, she has spent years living above her means using others' money, continually being forced to move from large mansions under stressful circumstances. A normal person would have used their ill-gotten gains to buy a smaller house and paid cash for it. Instead, Devra has made herself homeless by overestimating her ability to con people out of their money.


The commodity negative entities seek is life force. The most powerful energy on the earth is the feminine sexual life-force energy. Devra claims she is a 'power master,' which translates to 'parasitic energy harvester.' Money, power, and control over others are telltale signs of the dark faction, which is Devra's orientation.


People who have seen Devra's meditation gatherings state she has three demonic overlord entities working through her vessel. Spiritual seekers' connections to the heavens are being broken, while parasitic energy harvesting is taking place and siphoned out through the portal Devra establishes wherever she resides. 


Devra claims to be a powerful master; she parasitically manipulates others energetically, offering you her crème de la crème energy harvesting service, perfectly paired with her rebranded occult materialism, 'the royal path of the masters,' precisely, 'the dark tantric, diabolic masters that work through her vessel' is in actuality, the dark agenda she serves. Devra uses the power of the entities working through her to blast people with an energy so they feel something and believe she is an enlightened master.


How Devra Took Over Lalita and Implanted an Entity in Her


Devra Patton West screamed continuously for 10 minutes, screaming, "Stare Into Its Yellow Eyes, Hold Your Glance With It, Lalita!" as Lalita was implanted, accepting an entity into her being, followed by Devra diabolically completing her entity implant procedure, by pounding Lalita once in the heart chakra, leaving her unconscious on the floor. This is an example of the common word jugglery, bait and switch entity implant tactic Devra uses on her victims right before many try to cut ties and run. This is how Devra forces enslaved domination and control over her victims' mental faculties.


During Lalita's takeover, Devra repeatedly directed her to bring a sun disc down into her heart chakra in meditation. Insight received states that this sun disc, situated approximately 6 inches behind Lalita's heart chakra, is continuously draining her life-force energy, keeping her disempowered, along with many spells and rituals Devra has performed against Lalita. One of Devra's employees witnessed a lot of blood on Devra's shoes multiple times; that post image is below.


Within three months of Devra Patton West ripping apart the marriage of soulmates Nicholas Roberts & Lalita Jordan-Roberts, Devra directed Lalita and her son Chris Che Haywood to engage in an affair while Lalita was still married to Nicholas Roberts. Haywood was also in a 13-year relationship that Devra worked to dissolve, breaking his fiance's heart.

Facebook comments from witnesses to this devious manipulation are below. Note none of these actions are the work of an enlightened being. By instigating and directing this intimate sexual affair and living with the couple, Devra and her entities can now access their sexual life-force energy and use them as a couple to pay for and care for Devra in her old age.

Chris Che Haywood
Included here are comments about the affair Devra arranged by her recent house cleaner, posted in one of the numerous Facebook threads exposing Devra Patton West as the dark arts con artist she is to Sedona and the online community. One can only feel sympathy for the children of psycopath Devra West who have been subjected to her abuse for most of their lives. Devra does not care whose life she destroys; she has concern only for herself. 
With all the incriminating information offered to the Sedona Police, the FBI’s Cult Division, the Arizona Attorney General, the IRS & the SBA/IOG, it is only a matter of time before Devra Patton West’s fake church is again shut down for suspicion of fraudulent activity, and Lalita’s black tantra karmic recourse is served.
Files Delivered to local authorities in Sedona AZ regarding the crimes of Devra Patton West + Officers Contacted [Elder Abuse] [Invoice Fraud] [SBA Disaster Relief Loan Fraud] [Assault & Battery] 
 If Devra Patton West were the all-knowing clairvoyant enlightened master of great abundance that she pretends to be, she would not be broke and without any followers.  For some odd reason, Devra persists in attempting to stay living in the Sedona area. One can only surmise this is a marketing ploy she believes will help her find new followers from other parts of the country. 


Cutting ties is the best advice and only option for those in relationships with narcissistic personality disorders like Devra Patton West. Devra promises enlightenment, fame, and peace, but what awaits you is a twisted world where your autonomy is forfeited, your bank account emptied, your self-worth eroded, and your connections with your family and friends severed. 


The Collective Ghosts of Devra’s Past
Be Scofield, founder of The Guru Magazine, is one of the most prominent journalists in the world exposing cults

Sage of Sedona: Inside the Cult of the Rishi


Be Scofield Reports: A dislocated jaw. Bloody scalps. Bruises. A torn ear. Violent shakings. Occult initiations. Broken marriages. These are just some of the abuses ex-followers allege by Sedona's Devra Patton West aka the Rishi.
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WEBSITE TRACKS ALL SCAMS OF DEVRA PATTON WEST - Devra is attempting to find followers in Sedona, Arizona, and lure spiritual seekers into her web using the Sedona mystique, as many other cult leaders have tried. Contrary to Devra’s assertions, she is not a guru, she is not an enlightened being, and she is not highly regarded by any organization, Sedona residents, or Sedona leaders. 

Devra has been rejected by the Sedona community, she is unwelcome at the Unity Church of Sedona. No community members have accept Devra.


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The Rishi Devra West Investigation on Facebook 


Devra West, aka Deborah Lynn Patton, Debbie Patton West, aka Devra Patton West, also known as The Rishi, has many self-appointed titles and a criminal record.  Devra claims she is the Sage of Sedona, Hierophant of the Solar System, a Red Ray Master, a Para-avatar, and more powerful than Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. She also calls herself the Rishi of the Western Hemisphere, the Rishi of Sedona, Mataji Rishi, and an Ascended Master to list a few titles and names she uses. Note that Devra’s cyber integrity website is a ruse to try to exonerate herself. No Sedona leaders welcome or want Devra in Sedona. 

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Manipulation is a practice whereby you look into someone’s natural psychological tendencies and use them to help you get your way. You learn how to understand what people want and need, and what drives them to make decisions. Then, you tailor your pitch or offer to get them to agree with you and give you what you want, while making it look like they were getting what they want! Ultimately, you lead the conversation by making it look like they are.

In this complete collection, you are going to learn exactly how to do this.


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WATCH VIDEO: Is anyone interested in giving Devra West $500,000 to reach the fourth stage of enlightenment? Devra is a legend in her own mind and will probably even try to con the other residents when she ends up in a nursing home if not in jail.
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